Water Treatment


Fighting hard water stains on your dishes, sinks and faucets? Shower heads crusting over with mineral build up? Let us install a water softener to stop that annoying build up. We use Watts WS1 softeners featuring metered Clack heads. The new Clack head design allows for higher flow rates with less pressure loss when using multiple fixtures. The new head is also optimized to provide you with the most soft water for your salt and waste water usage. To see more on the Watts WS1 click here.

Reverse Osmosis

Tired of buying bottled water? We can install a reverse osmosis (RO) system to provide you with the highest quality drinking water. With the four stage Kwik-Change™ system from Watts, we can remove a broad spectrum of drinking water impurities including radium, fluoride, chlorine, salts, metals, cysts and turbidity to have tasteless and odor free water. With a 50 gallon per day production capacity you will not run out of high quality drinking water. To read more about Watts Kwik-Change™ reverse osmosis systems click here.


Would you like an alternative to reverse osmosis? We can filter water for sediment, taste, odor and other drinking water impurities, without the waste water of a RO system. We have products available for whole house or point of use only. Contact Mark Dill Plumbing Co. for more information.

Private Supply - Lake Treatment

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Water drawn from lake and treated for household use.

Want to build in the remote parts of the county or have a retreat cabin? Tired of trucking in water or bringing water with you? If you have a lake nearby, we can pump water to your structure and treat it for sediment to use for toilets and watering. We can also chlorinate and treat for other contaminants to give you quality drinking water where city supply is unavailable. Contact us for more information and water testing.